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PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) 2005- 2010.

  • Research Advisor: Dr. M. J. Leamy

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech, 2010.

  • Course Work (10 courses): Linear Systems and Controls, Nonlinear Systems and Control, Introduction to Microelectronic Theory, Fourier Techniques and Signal Analysis, Adaptive Control, Analysis I, Differential Geometry, Carbon Nanotube Electronics, PDE in Image Processing, Microelectromechanical Devices.

Master of Science in Mathematics, Georgia Tech, 2009.

  • Course Work (10 courses): Differential Geometry I, Ordinary Differential Equations I, Calculus of Variations, Topology of Euclidean Spaces, Dynamics and Bifurcations I, Dynamics of Mechanical Systems, Vibration of Mechanical Systems, Nonlinear Systems, Introduction to Hilbert Spaces, Real Analysis I.

Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 2001- 2003.

  • Thesis Title: Enhancement of Ultrasonic B-Scan Images.

  • Course Work: Advanced Principles of Measurement, Advanced Dynamics, Advanced Mechatronics, Solid Mechanics, Partial Differential Equations.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, 2000.

  • Graduated with highest GPA in Mechanical Engineering of the Class of 2000.


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Published Journals

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this paper was featured on the cover:

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Refereed Conference Papers

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